The Ensemble Murgier representing the mixture of the various compositional influences of its director and pianist, Pablo Murgier. It was formed in 2016, with the aim of exploring and expressing the intersection between chamber jazz, avant-garde tango, and Latin American popular music.

The possibilities offered by the members' individual paths allow them to work as a chamber music ensemble with the added power and freshness of popular music.

With his Ensemble, Pablo has taken part in the principal circuit of the new music in Buenos Aires and the main music scene in Argentina. Currently based in Paris, he has performed at festivals and venues across Europe, Russia, and China.

The group won the First World of Tango Orchestras in Buenos Aires, in February, 2017 (Tango Sin Fin Awards), and he was nominated for the PREMIOS GARDEL as Best New Artist in 2018.

Romain Lecuyer DOUBLE BASS
Minino Garay. PERCUSSION
Simone Tolomeo BANDONEON

(2020/Collectif Por Que No?)
The EP ’’Reflets’’ (Collectif Porque No?) was recorded in Paris in 2019. Composed of original music, in this new production the Ensemble Murgier is projected on a more abstract language, within the framework of instrumental song.
The incorporation of drums and percussion brings the group towards a sound closer to jazz and improvisation, without losing the colour of tango and its Latin American accent.
The four musical reflflections of “Reflets” are a sample of places, people and experiences. The timbric range and expressive diversity make each of them show us an authentic musical universe.

1. Bira bira
2. La maison bleue
3. Pantomime
4. La ciudad vieja

(2017/ Independent)

The album"Muy lejos" (2017 / Independent) consists of nine compositions that represent a meeting point for diverse expressions of Argentine folkloric roots, inflfluenced by jazz and chamber music. In the course of the album, the sound of Meldhau and Cohen converge in a zamba, that of Gismonti in a Baion, and the sonorities of Bartok and Piazzolla in a Milonga.

MUY LEJOS was nominated for the GARDEL AWARDS 2018 in. the category of Best New Artist

Songs :
1. Dianka
2. Domingo
3. Tobok
4. Chapu
5. Ringuelet
6. Chacarera de la negra
7. Muy Lejos
8. Humo
9. Meliquina

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